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Web Brochure

Villa CharlestonVilla Charleston needed to spruce up their existing site, and add a Czech translation, as many of their guests hail from within the Czech Republic. 

We produced an updated design that moved their site squarely into the present day, as well as adding an attractive home page where guests could choose their desired language.  For those guests who find the site via a search engine, but not in their own language, we added a link on each page to its translated version.  Now guests, both local and overseas, can quickly and easily find the essential details they're looking for.


Custom Shopping Cart

Rising Earth ImagesWith a  variety of products based on her distinctive work, the artist behind Rising Earth Images needed to address the different needs of both her retail and wholesale customers.

We created a custom shopping cart that adjusts to the pricing and terminology appropriate when a wholesale customer logs in.  The product detail pages include links to all other products featuring the same artwork, and  the site reflects the exact aesthetic values she wanted to project.


Content Management

Earthsongs Choral MusicEarthsongs Choral Music was satisfied with their existing design, but wanted to be able to change the content on their site as their catalog changes.  They were also receiving customer complaints that their shopping cart system did not always work as expected, which was costing them time and effort to address.

We built them a new, more reliable and intuitive shopping cart, matching the design of the rest of the site.  More importantly, we built tools to give them full capabilities to manage their own content on the fly.  As they generate new products for their catalog, they can add them without having to wait for an external service provider's availability.  Best of all, their customers no longer call to complain about their web site, which reduces everyone's stress level.


Specialized e-Commerce

Flowering JadeThe Flowering Jade had a legacy e-commerce system that was no longer meeting their needs, and wanted more flexibility in how their offerings would be presented on the Web.  Their site's design looked a bit wilted, as well, and wasn't representing their business very well any longer.

We freshened up their site's design, and set them up with a shopping cart system customized to the unique demands of the local floral delivery market.  Seasonal adjustments are a snap in the management tools we built for them, and now their customers get an email to let them know that their flowers have been delivered, instead of wondering, or having to call the shop to find out.

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