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Web Design

We design sites tailored to focus on your needs - and your customers' needs. We start from the premise that a well-designed site should not require your visitors to be trained to use it - its purpose and use should be self evident.  Your site should reflect your business - it should not be some merely adequate cookie-cutter template someone had lying around.

Web Programming

Behind the scenes in all but the most elemental of sites is some amount of programming, which drives anything from a simple "contact us" page to sophisticated shopping cart systems and content management tools.  We have developed expertise in working with the most efficient and widely-adopted technologies in order to keep your expenses at a minimum and your site's performance and reliability as high as possible.

Online Marketing

Unlike some firms, we know better than to promise you a particular ranking on the major search engines.  We can, however, help you to ensure that when a potential customer is looking for what you sell, they're more likely to find you.  We can also advise you on the best ways to use e-mail, blogs and other online tools to increase the reach and power of your site.

Social Media

Connecting with your customers and peers through social networking sites is emerging as a powerful way to maintain and extend your relationships with them. Beyond just marketing, these tools offer a way of having meaningful conversations with the most important people in your business - the folks who pay the bills.

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